Protective Diabetic Footwear

As a person with diabetes, you know the importance of making sure your extremities receive optimum circulation while minimizing the potential for skin abrasions. Shar's Medical Supplies offers a great selection of diabetic footwear to ensure the ongoing health of your feet. We also provide compression garments that improve blood flow to your feet and legs. Contact us to discuss what products would best suit your needs as a diabetic.

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Diabetic Shoes

Enjoy comfort, style, and quality when you choose our diabetic shoes. Our footwear effectively protects your feet from injury while promoting healthy circulation. We also have slippers available that provide additional comfort while you're at home or resting. If you pay for your diabetic footwear with Medicare and Medicaid, we will even file your claim.

Compression Garments

Whether you're traveling across town or cross country, you need the right socks to optimize blood flow to your legs and feet. Our compression socks for people with diabetes keep swelling down, and our compression sleeves help control edema in your extremities while promoting circulation of oxygen and nutrient-rich blood.

Diabetic Shoes